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Special Birthday Prompt For Sophy - Writer's Cramp
20 Lines
This poem is entered in "The Writer's Cramp is 20!!.

Here is Sophy - Happy B'Day Cramp 🥳 's special birthday prompt:

Use 3 of these bolded:

be called for jury duty
bet on a horse race
join the military
buy a lottery ticket
donate blood
get a Costco card
rent a hotel room (or Airbnb}
get a tattoo

The Latest in Lost Generations

Coming of age, the texting Generation "Z"
Some not bright enough to out think a flea
No energy, they tend toward the sedentary,
Please help us if they join the military!

Imagine they are called for jury duty
Your life on trial as they doze on all too ample booties
Believing all they're told that celebrities have to say
Opinions unenlightened by the light of day

We, more entranced by acting, reciting the lengthy Bard,
They aim lower, just trying to get a Costco card
The altruistic might attempt to donate blood
More suited to get a tattoo or wrestle down in mud

Not too concerned, this social media-addicted brood,
Their votes dictated by the latest Twitter mood
Seeing news readers as daily fonts of veritable truth,
Again life goes wasted on the shallow blush of youth

Like Gertrude Stein, we long for what is distant, hazy, in the past
Seeing ourselves as wiser, stronger, true and fast
Ever deceiving ourselves through the cloud of rhyme
We, the choicest of knuckleheads back in our prime!

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