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Black diamonds made her cry. He strayed. For her opal eyes to shine, courage must be found

[Chorus, 1st vs.]
She loves beyond gold measures,
Cries silent to black diamonds.
She's got all of life’s rich memories.
Cries silent to the fine ones.
Icy stare of mirrors brooding.
Hides th’uncovered beauty.
Those opal eyes they die inside and her ruby heart he’s looting.

Power in an oil painting
Royal blue blood teardrops fall
Topaz eyes see her fading
Onyx stains on a porcelain doll.

[Tempo change, staccato]
Oh, when she doesn’t know
The places he goes
And she sits all alone,
Cheerless pearl in her home.
Inside she dies and outside she cries teardrops of broken gemstones.


Fancy in her boudoirs,
she sits sadly down slow
She’s got a silver box
for her gemstones
And some cash hidden below.
He's sipping another Piñot.
She knows it's time to go.

[Tempo/rhythm change]
She tries to find
the signs that he's kind,
but he just keeps berating.

Those lying eyes
they hide behind
the tears he's not creating.

So when she goes
he's gotta know
there is no one competing.

The sin that he sowed
goes deep to show
his love keeps on depleting.

Gemstone heart is a gold measure.
No more crying to black diamonds.
She has all of life’s rich memories.
She celebrates the fine ones.
The mirrors gain her presence.
Her mind settles in peace.
Her opal eyes are brightly alive and courageously she leaves.


She loves beyond gold.
Black diamonds saw her cry.
Her gemstone heart in tow.
Onyx stains left behind.
The mirrors pulled her slow.
Opal eyes brightly shine.
Opal eyes brightly shine.

I see these lyrics matched up with country music. I would love to collab if anyone is a musician. I'm open to modifying the lyrics.*HeartP*
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