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An old Capsule Corp. science experiment makes Videl go through a major growth spurt.
It’s the year Age 775. 1 year had passed since Goku killed Kid Buu, & the Earth was at peace. It was a Thursday afternoon. Gohan & Videl went to Capsule Corp. in West City. Their Great Saiyaman watches were malfunctioning & needed repairs. “We had a very close call this morning” said Gohan to Bulma as she was fixing them. “Lucky for us, we were able to make a quick getaway before the suits disappeared” added Videl. “Do you know what the problem is?” she asked. “1 of the primary circuits got knocked loose on both watches” Bulma replied. “You both should really be more careful, & you can start by pulling your punches on the bad guys”. “I’ll try harder to do just that” said Gohan. “Me as well” said Videl.

As they were waiting for their watches to finish being repaired, Gohan read a book, while Videl enjoyed her favorite dish - okonomiyaki. Then suddenly, Scratch (Dr. Brief’s cat) & Trunks came rushing into the lab. Trunks was chasing Scratch in a very angry manner. Gohan, Videl, & Bulma has been knocked aside by the chasing, & Videl was trying to keep her okonomiyaki from falling onto the floor, so she placed it on another table. Finally, Gohan managed to catch & restrain Trunks. “What the hell is going on here, young man?!” said Bulma in an angry manner. “Scratch ruined some of my toys with his biting & scratching!” said the young Human-Saiyan hybrid. “You are aware that we can buy new toys, considering that how much money we possess, correct?” asked Bulma to Trunks. “Oh yeah, that’s right.” he replied. “I’m sorry for chasing you Scratch” he said to the cat, & then Scratch jumped up into his arms & licked his face, & he left the lab to find Dr. Brief.

“I’m sorry about that guys” said Bulma. “It’s alright Bulma.” said Videl. “Sometimes rich people get upset over certain things that can be fixed. But I’m jealous that you guys built your fortune on helping people, while me & my dad’s money comes from his deception & stupidity.” Gohan replied “I know that it embarrasses you, but remember, your dad helped us defeat Majin Buu. If he didn’t convince the people of Earth to give their energy to dad to make the Spirit Bomb, then we’d all be dead again.” “Thanks for reminding me” she replied. Soon their watches were fixed. “Thanks for fixing the watches” said Gohan. “And please be sure to tell your mom that the okonomiyaki was excellent” said Videl. “You’re welcome & I will” said Bulma, & the 2 teens flew away. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow” said Videl. “Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye” replied her boyfriend. And they flew in different directions to their respective homes. Unknown to anyone, a beaker on top of a cabinet was knocked on its side during the earlier chase, & the chemical inside spilled onto Videl’s okonomiyaki.

In the morning, Videl woke up & was getting ready to start the day. “I can’t wait for the weekend”, she said to herself. “It’ll just be me & Gohan for 2 whole days, hanging out & having a blast.” Videl had planned a weekend schedule for her & Gohan to do, which she liked to call The Perfect Weekend. As she was brushing her teeth, she heard a growling sound. “What’s that sound? Is that our dog Bee?” Then Videl realized that it was her stomach growling. “I guess it’s time for breakfast” she said to herself.

When she came down to the dining room, she made a large request to 1 of the servants. “I’m in the mood for something big. I’d like 3 plates of scrambled eggs & bacon, 2 plates of cinnamon toast, & 4 bowls of cereal please.” The servant was surprised to hear such a big order, but he agreed. “You’ve never asked to have a breakfast that big!” said her dad Mr. Satan. “I guess I’m just feeling really hungry this morning” she replied. After receiving the food that she ordered, Videl proceeded to eat it all by scarfing & stuffing it in her mouth, until the dishes were soon empty, & Mr. Satan was shocked by what he saw. “Sorry about that dad” she replied. “I’m off to school dad. I love you. Bye.” And she rushed out the door & flew away.

On her way flying to Orange Star High School, Videl heard the sound of her stomach growling again. “Why is my stomach still growling? I just ate a huge breakfast, but for some reason I don’t feel full” she said in a confused tone of voice. She tried to forget about it & keep flying, but the growling got louder. “Alright stomach alright! I’ll stop & get some more food” she said. Videl saw a fast food restaurant & decided to got a To-Go order. As she entered, the people in line allowed her to cut in front because she’s Mr. Satan’s daughter. “Uh, thanks very much?” she replied. As she arrived at the counter, she placed her order. “I’ll have 2 of everything on your breakfast menu please.” The cashier & other people in line were surprised. “What? I’m very hungry” she said to them.

At Orange Star High School, Gohan and his classmates arrived and sat in their respective seats. “Do you know where Videl is?” Erasa asked Gohan. “I’m not sure, but I’m confident that she’ll arrive soon.” “She probably stopped to fight crime on her way here” said Sharpner. As the teacher was about to start, Videl came in through the classroom door. “I’m sorry that I’m late. I had to stop to get some breakfast on the way.” She spoke with her mouth full as she was finishing a breakfast sandwich. “Could you please repeat that after you swallowed your food, please?” said the teacher in a disgusted tone of voice. Her face blushing red, Videl swallowed her food, threw the bag away in the garbage can, and said “I said that ‘I’m sorry that I’m late. I had to stop and get some breakfast on the way.’” Then she sat down next to Gohan so that class could start.

A little while later, as the teacher was speaking and the students were taking notes and paying attention during their next class, Videl began to feel a little strange. Her stomach started growling again. “You can’t possibly be serious belly!” she told her belly in a low tone of voice. Gohan noticed this and asked her “Are you feeling alright?” “Yes Gohan, I’m alright” she said to her boyfriend. During lunchtime in the cafeteria, Gohan was having trouble eating. He was concerned about Videl. He felt that something was going on with her, but he didn’t know what. “Are you alright Gohan? You’ve barely touched your food.” said Erasa. “Yeah. Did you lose your appetite or something?” asked Sharpner. “I’m just a little concerned. Videl’s been acting a little strange today, and I don’t know why.” “It’s probably just some girl thing going on” replied Sharpner in a joking tone of voice. Erasa elbowed him because she thought that he wasn’t very funny. “I’m sure that whatever it is, it’ll be over soon” she said. “I’m hope that you’re right” said Gohan. But then he heard a banging sound. He looked to the cafeteria vending machine & saw Videl banging on it in an annoyed manner. “Give me my snacks you dumb-ass machine! I gave you my cash, now give me my snacks!” she said in an angry tone of voice. She shook & banged the vending machine, until the screen broke. She started grabbing & scarfing the snacks inside her mouth, but then she saw the other students looking at her in a surprised manner. “What?! I’m very hungry!” she said.

When school was over, Videl, Gohan, Erasa, & Sharpner were walking on the sidewalk. “That was really freaky what you did during lunch today” said Sharpner. “You’ve never done anything like that” said Erasa. “I don’t know what happened guys. Ever since I got up this morning, I keep feeling hungry & my belly isn’t feeling full, & I don’t know why” she replied. “It’s probably just a small anomaly with your metabolism. Maybe you should see someone” said Gohan in a concerned tone of voice. “I’m sure that this is just a little thing. I’ll just sleep it off and I’ll feel better tomorrow” replied Videl. “Alright then. You 2 lovebirds have a good weekend” said Sharpner in a joking tone of voice. Erasa elbowed him again. “You’re not funny” said Erasa. “Alright I’m sorry” he replied. And he & Erasa walked away.

As Gohan & Videl reached Mr. Satan’s mansion, Gohan said “I hope that you’re right & that this is something small. But if something does feel wrong, then I want you to contact me.” “Alright Gohan, I will. Thanks for your concern. I’ll see you tomorrow” replied Videl. After he saw Videl entering Mr. Satan’s mansion, Gohan flew away to his home in 439 East District. That night, as she was in her purple pajamas with pink polka dots, brushing her teeth, & getting ready for bed, Videl began to feel a little strange again. She washed her face & spoke to herself in the mirror. “Alright Videl, you can get through this. Just a good night’s rest, & everything will be alright. You can’t let some stomach trouble ruin your Perfect Weekend with your boyfriend Gohan.” While she was sleeping, her stomach began to hurt. And then, she started to grow in size.

Soon, morning arrived. As her alarm clock went off, Videl was just waking up. “Alarm off” she said, and the alarm clock turned off. As she sat up straight, yawned, & stretched her arms in the air, Videl noticed that her stomach didn’t hurt. “Hey, my belly doesn’t hurt now. I knew that I just had to sleep it off. Now I can get ready to start the 1st day of my Perfect Weekend” she said with positivity. But as she started to get out of bed, her head hit the ceiling. “Ouch! Ugh, that hurt. I should be more careful so that I don’t hit the ceiling.” But then, Videl got a very confused look on her face. “Wait, hang on. How can I hit the ceiling when I’m getting out of bed? And why do my PJs feel so tight all of a sudden?” she asked herself. Then, she looked down & what she saw left a horrified look on her face. Then, 1 of the servants approached her room & knocked on her door. “Ms. Videl, what would you like to eat for breakfast this morning?” he asked. Videl panicked a little, but then she replied “Uh, nothing at the moment. But I need you to make a phone call for me please. I need you to call Gohan. It’s urgent.”

Meanwhile, at 439 East District, Goku & his family were enjoying their breakfast. As usual, Chi-Chi was eating her food in a civilized manner, while Goku & their 2 sons Gohan & Goten were scarfing down their food. After finishing their meals, they had a conversation. “So, what’s your plan today guys?” asked Chi-Chi. “Well, Videl & me are spending the weekend together. She even made a schedule of stuff to do. She calls it ‘The Perfect Weekend’” said Gohan. “That sounds cool” replied Goten. “What about you, dad?” asked Goten to Goku. “Your dad will be running some errands this weekend” said Chi-Chi. “Aw, come on Chi-Chi. Can’t I train just a little bit?” asked Goku in a whining tone of voice. “No you can’t Goku! It was my turn to do errands last weekend, now it’s your turn” replied Chi-Chi in an angry tone of voice as she pointed to the schedule on the fridge. “Here’s a list of stuff to get done this weekend” she said as she gave Goku a piece of paper. Thankfully, it was just a short list. “Alright Chi-Chi, I’ll do it” conceded Goku. “Besides, it’s just a short list. I’m sure that you’ll be able to get it done, dad” said Gohan. Then they all laughed. Suddenly, the telephone rang. “I’ll get it” said Goten. “So Gohan, what exactly are you & Videl doing this weekend?” asked Goku. “Well, I don’t exactly know what she wrote on the list, but I’m sure that it’ll be fun” replied Gohan. Then, Goten came back to the table. “That was 1 of Mr. Satan’s servants. He said that Videl wants Gohan & dad to go to her house straight away. He said that it’s important” said Goten.
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