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We all have definitions of hate Do we justify ours as better? Which is worse?
What is in the white of paper to hate
Where nothing upon has yet to state
Before a single dot, a tittle or a line
Does the paper hate to let it define
So nothing marring it to make a difference
To see the perfect white page a menace
Does the sheet refuse the notes
To show to play what is thus wrote
To say the white paper is better
To defend the blindness to fetter

What is hate, if we choose to see
The power to declare a lie to be
One over another but not the same
To say I can cause you to be the blame
It is not by nature that makes one so
It is the characteristics one allows to grow
To make a line of any other distinction
That defines more or less a definition
To show nothing more is to pass
To make the white paper one class

Is it hate from the one who marks it so
That from its usage to make ignoble or no
When we see the paper, blank so white
And here we destroy by hate the right
For inspiration to reveal what may be applied
To find its whiteness defied
But death to all things different
For without hating is bent
The white paper says all is not the same
Can we just plaint it to frame

Not to destroy the wrong with the write
But it is to refuse to mark the paper white
And turn what makes hate pure
Into a hate without a cure
For the paper white to change the world
It has to become with strife unfurled
To turn what was once pure white
Into inspiration where hate is night
The while paper is to show we are blind
To the other color to show their mind

For the paper we must mark up to try
It can’t define anything until the do’s cry
Hate is not a person work or thing
It is a choice to define one’s being
Hate chooses to work its darkness
But the paper white speaks in murkiness
When what is not done creates division
For hate says the paper what is unknown
If we look only at the paper white to find
Hate is staring at the white till all are blind.
Ivan J. Bradley Jr
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