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by Sumojo
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Philosophical question.
What makes me, well me?

How come that I’m me and not someone else? Well first, the incredible odds of me making it into this world as a human, 400,000,000,000,000 to 1, makes me unique. There isn’t another person like me in the universe, there has never been one, and there will never be another.

Then there were my parents and their experiences which moulded my childhood turning me into me!
My position as the youngest of three children and the fact I was the only girl enabled me to see life differently to my brothers. They protected me, but also toughened me up with their pranks and inclusions in male pursuits.

The fact I was born during World War Two, with an absent soldier father, an independent mother and food shortages has turned me into a woman who hates food waste and dislikes depending on people.

There are so many facets in life that mould and morph a newborn into the person they are to become as adults.

Every single day, from the moment of conception, we change, infinitesimally, we do not notice it happening to ourselves. Change is occurring every single minute. How amazing. Are we then the same person as that day old baby? Everything about us is different, we change our hair, our skin, our teeth and yet we are that same person, even though everything about us is continually changing.

The question of what is the real me, or what makes me, is deep and complex. I’ve never really given it a lot of thought before, it could be a question you may ask yourself in the dead of night. Hopefully, it’s not one that keeps you awake or worrying, because there is no single answer.
We are all a product of our environment, our teachers, parents, family.

If I‘d been a child born into a third world country, where food is scarce, growing up deficient in the necessities of life, it would be impossible for me to reach full potential. Health is important, to have a healthy functioning brain requires adequate nutrition Shortages of education, money and love, change children’s futures forever.

We are all unique, I am, you are. We are all exactly whom we are meant to be.

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