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Inspired by a conversation between myself and one Cecily ´SLWS´ Webster
As the world became light, I looked around me in shock and surprise. I had lain down to sleep, very comfortably I might add, and now awoke to a jungle around me. As I stared ahead, I could only see the underbrush crawling its way to my feet, as if it wished to swallow me whole. I stood and turned about, trying to find the path I had been on. It had only seemed a short time ago that the light had left, yet in that time my little area had become overgrown. Everywhere I turned, I could see no way out.
As I searched, I began to realize that not only was my path missing, but so were some of my things; including one very special message from a very special friend, one who was dear to my heart. I fell to my hands and knees, searching the ground for what I had lost. Soon, I began to pull things up, and weed them out.
As I weeded, I began to become interested in the items I found. Some of these items led me away from the patch I had started on. I often found myself lost, and struggling to find where I had originally been. Other items I tossed away with barely a glance – it was naught but a weed, what had I to do with it?
The day wore on with no sign of my special message. I began to have trouble keeping my mind on the goal, so many new and interesting things popping up around me to grab my attention. I would think I had finally almost found it, then a new thing would spring up beside me, and I would often nearly forget it altogether.
As the light began to fade, I found my interest drawn to another new item. It was small, and looked quite lovely, so I went to it, and picked it up. As I studied it, I realized I had not found what I was originally looking for, and turned around to search some more: however, I was stopped by a bright flash, then blackness as the light disappeared.

I stared at the blank screen before me, listened to the beeping of the hard drive, and realized that the last attachment I opened had been a virus. My computer had crashed.
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