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by Evan
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Human eventualty
From the internal nature of being sprang thought . Human diverse thought . Perceiving realities as we set our vision upon those . What we see is never a present of times , but just eventuality . Our sense of being is elastic . We do expand our most intrinsic of thought to conform our most secretive of ways . How we see the world around us are just synaptic pulses from our genetic conceived of brains .From the hollow echoes of our cavernous humanities .Hence comes actions .Individualistic progressive reactions to discern factuality .We started to vocalize phrases that describes our own needs . Verses formed encircled by just being and that imbedded pulse . Cognition .The most internalized of awareness .To let ourselves being just be .We suggested ourselves unto factuality to create individual realities that were necessary to just survive and share the sense of survival in groups ..when our ancestors looked up at the skies ,they wonder and ponder . Then their visions always came back down to their common living realities of being . Remaining hopeful to discern the signs of nature ,them firsts ,somehow ,explore the intrinsic question : Where we came from...who we are...to where we will be able to survive...The pulse of intellect drives us to conquer upheavals and groups questioning reasons to move out from the caves and trek towards the unknown. Humanity has been traveled upon the trials of survival since ever . It is our nature . To discover means on how to survive upon the given means of times ….Societal times brought upon our consciousness the need to gather ideas to be discussed among our given intellects . Those gatherings of ideals to survive upon environment were the sole principle to survive , to explore other venues ..and move .Migration of hominids groups upon landscapes to explore and conquer . It is the difficult certainty of living accordingly to times proverbial .How to keep surviving and protect our families . For family is all .This concept of family is not that intriguing. As a matter of fact ,is most discerning . How we as an universal human family has given sense to our sole human existence . We hominids are so unique a conglomerate of eventual thought ,that we still renovating our sense of beings .Thriving upon our created realities . There is no present . Our own human history is still recreating survival . Eventuality it is all what is ..the continuity of our endeavors to conquer and remain alive...then , for only a few of us ,caring to bring this cognition of self thought to take care of our society . Not by being maintained by its benefits ,but to help it by not being maintained by it...
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