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Flash fic. Can't I just be alone right now?
Cecil crouched beside me and gave me a long look.

I couldn't see the lake, but that didn't matter; I stared straight ahead. "I said I'm okay."

"I know." Cecil sat beside my tree and followed my gaze into the blackness. "You have my number. Nobody else does."

My eyes widened, and my breath skittered to a stop. Fearing I had been caught, I snatched a quick glance.

"I mean for you to use it."

"When is a good time."

Cecil smirked. "When you need to hear my voice."

"What if--"

The slap across my shoulder stung. "Then, you interrupt."

My lungs let in the sweet air as I leaned back against the tree. With the lightest squeeze on my shoulder, Cecil did the same.

The clouds parted, and moonlight sparkled on the waves.
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