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Ancient history explored on a vacation
Voices Of The Stones
Kathleen McNamara

The lure of ancient history
A sultry siren’s call
An exotic tropical locale
We visited in the fall

Massive temples in the clouds
Pyramids ‘neath the trees
Sacred cenotes full of bones
White sands near a sapphire sea

A flight to Machu Pichu
To the sacred mountain place
To view the glyphs and temples
But the people, not a trace

We left Peru and flew northeast
Chichen Itza in our sights
But first to Riviera Maya
And our hotel for seven nights

A day of relaxation
An umbrella in the sand
Warm ocean waves lapped my toes
A margarita in my hand

A bus ride to the jungle
Where the ancients used to rule
In the history of the Maya
Chichen Itza was a jewel

Brochures and documentaries
No justice was ever done
I felt the insignificance of humanity
At the Temple of the Sun

Ancient stories told by the glyphs
Chiseled whispers of the past
Religion, wealth and power
Only the stones were made to last

We think the ancients beneath us
Nothing further from the truth
They studied mathematics and the stars
Their famous calendar is the proof

Just as at Machu Pichu
Chichen Itza now still stands
Abandoned by its people
Just stone monuments on the lands

On the trip back to Riviera Maya
A notion filled my head
The stones of all these ancient sites
Are the voices of the dead

The lessons of the temple stones
The whispers clear to those who hear them
Tales of gold and war and caution
Strong lessons for us to learn from

So much to learn from the ancients
No matter how old the sites might be
I can’t wait for my next vacation
As long as it involves ancient history

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