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Open Window

Molly looked out her bedroom window. She could see the tree from this window, the apple tree full of white blossoms. A white curtain gently moved, back and forth, forth and back, as the spring breeze blew.

Molly had been in her bed for weeks. A bad accident made her house-bound and bed-bound. Just today she had enough strength to be raised onto a big pillow to look out this window. She took the deepest breath she dared take. A little smile lit her face from within.

“How are you today?” Molly turned to see Joanie enter her bedroom. “I was afraid to wake you earlier. You were sleeping so well.” Joanie took out her stethoscope. “May I check your lungs?”

“Sure, whatever,” Molly turned her gaze back to the window. A small blue bird looked back at her. It trilled a tiny tune. Molly smiled again.

“Your lungs sound good, Molly. That’s a big change, even from yesterday. Keep up the breathing exercises and you’ll be up and around soon.” Joanie patted Molly’s hand and put her stethoscope in her backpack. “Can I do anything else?” She stood next to the bed and took one more look at her patient.

Molly glanced at Joanie with a smile. “No, nothing else. See you whenever.” Molly’s gaze went back to the window.

“Yes, well, I’ll be going now. Have a good weekend.” Joanie left the bedroom, turning around one last time to see Molly still gazing out the open window.

As soon as she was alone, Molly kicked off the blankets and stood up. She stood on shaky legs and moved to the window. Once there, she tossed a few bits of bird seed on the windowsill. The tiny blue bird turned its tiny blue head then flew to the windowsill and pecked at the seed. Molly smiled, whistled a tiny tune. The tiny blue bird flew to Molly’s outstretched finger. They looked into each other’s eyes for a split second, then the tiny blue bird flew away through the white apple blossoms.

Molly swayed a bit, then felt her way to the bed and fell back into her cocoon of blankets. “I am so ready for this all to be over,” she thought out loud. “I’m officially tired of this. And all because of one little misstep. So unfair. There, I said it out loud.”

Joanie came to Molly’s room in a few days. She pushed open the door, and was surprised to find the bed empty.

“Molly? It’s Joanie. I’m here for your discharge visit.” She waited for Molly a few moments. Perhaps Molly was in the bathroom. She waited a few more moments. Then a few more. She checked the bathroom. No Molly. After an hour, she gave up. Joanie went to the open window. A curtain moved slightly in that window one last time. She looked out the window and then closed it. She would file a final report when she got back to the office.

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