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Screams for the little 'uns
Tooth Monster

I climbed up into the big chair, wondering who this guy in the mask was, and what was about to happen to me. The bright light shone in my eyes. Was I about to be interrogated, like the man in that spy film?

"Open wide," the fellow mumbled through the mask. He had something in his hand; it was pointy and looked like an instrument of torture.

I wanted to shout "You've got the wrong person; I don't know anything," but all I could manage was "Um, um um um." I clung to the arms of the chair until my knuckles turned white. The pointy thing was in my mouth and digging into my teeth and gums.

"Ahhh!" The instrument found a hole and dug in.

"You're going to need a filling," the monster said.

"You're going to fill me in? But I've done nothing to you," I tried to get across. A needle appeared. I don't like jabs and this one was BIG! I squirmed in the seat but a woman grabbed at me and held me down. The needle got closer, and closer, then it was jabbing at my gums. It hurt so much.

What was that horrible noise? A high pitched whirring. It hurt my ears as it screeched towards me. "You're not putting that in my mouth," I attempted, but my mouth didn't want to form the words. Bits of tooth sprayed around my mouth and into my throat. I had expected pain but I felt nothing. It was just that awful noise...

Finally, the torture ended with a nasty tasting drink and then the man removed his mask and spoke to Mummy. "He's been a very good boy. See you in six months." Not if I can help it!

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