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Flash fiction
"Wow, Titanic. It's so big," Jimmy said. He was only six and travelling with Nanny to meet his parents in New York. "Look, there's a magic show tonight. Can I go, can I, can I?"

Presto packed his pockets in preparation for his performance. "Good crowd tonight." The curtain opened. A lady entered the magic cabinet. "Hey Presto!" She disappeared.

“You can’t fool me. She went out the back,” Jimmy shouted. Presto cringed but carried on.

Next night Norman Knew his nemesis would be in the crowd. Slight of hand with cards he planned.

“You can’t fool me. It's up your sleeve." Yes, Jimmy did it again.

The air grew cold as north they sailed. "Iceberg!" someone screamed. Jimmy ended in a life raft. The magician floated past on a broken door.

"Okay," Jimmy shouted, "You fooled me, where's the ship?"

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