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Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2212524
This is for Believers in Jesus who just want a reminder of who they are.
Encouragement for you.

Use your imagination for a moment.

You are looking down on a large room, let's say fifteen feet by fifteen feet. The walls are gold and the floor blue sapphire. In the middle of this massive room is the ark of the covenant. All you see from the top are two pairs of wings spread toward each other. Floating down to the outside of this room, you see a veil of the most beautiful purple and blue. The colors are mixed perfectly, there are cherubim in the linen. Reverently, you touch the fabric, feel the craftsmanship of the covering; feel the power that has been held back.

Suddenly, you realize there's a tear down the middle of this beautiful, massive curtain.

How you see this tear is up to you. It could be a complex jagged edge that separates the veil in two. Or this tear could be something simple as a straight-line parting two pieces of the whole. The point is there is room for you to walk through to the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Gently she pushed through the veil not wanting to disturb it. Suddenly, her knees buckled beneath her as realizing where she was. The room gave off a light that shimmered around her. The holy of holies, the throne room of her heavenly father.

"Father, forgive me, I'm undone." She begged.

"You are forgiven.” His voice echoed around her. “I see you through my son. You can come boldly before me as you have now. What do you want?"

Everything just kind of came out all at once. "I want to know you better. I want to trust you more. I want you. I know I have all of you through your spirit. I want to pull more out. I want your wisdom, prudence, and guidance. I still want to know about you, but I want to know you more.

I praise you for your truth. I praise you for your peace and love. I love you. I praise you.

Father open my eyes to your word. Open my heart to your wisdom and peace. Drag my pride, thought of lust and sin through your holy courts. Purge me please." she stayed where she was as she spoke.

"You are my child.” His voice is gentle in her ears. “You know you'll never be perfect. Yet I love you always. Thank you for your trust in me. Thank you for accepting Jesus and believing in me. Thank you for spending time with me and wanting to spend time with me. I know our time is short, I can draw it out."

"Please," she nearly begged. she felt a hand on her head. Raising her head, she reached for the hand extended and rose from the floor.

"You are more than a conqueror. You are more than what you are now. You have a LOT of potential, and you are growing. Your roots are deep within me I've never left you alone even when you thought you were far away. I love you with an everlasting love and will always tell and show you my truth. You are my love. You are special and unique - one of a kind. You are a blessing to me and your family. You are redeemed. You are holy. You are justified and righteous. You are blessed coming in and going out, wherever you go. You are blessed with all spiritual blessings. You are a partaker of my divine nature if you want to be. You have my authority in you to do my work. You are learning from me. You praise me. You are made in my image and you are beautiful. You are my chosen child on the earth. You are forgiven completely. I lead you with my Holy Spirit. You can and will do all things through Christ who is your strength. You, child, are healed through Christ. I have sealed you with My Spirit. You are above all the curses and lies that people try to say. What I AM has blessed nothing can curse. You are an Overcomer by the Word of your testimony. You are walking by faith. You know how to cast down imaginations. You are renewing your thoughts on what I think. You, Child, are my light. You are my temple. You have walked out of your past." He touched her head. "You are alive with my might, my power and my authority and my anointing to teach what I'm teaching you. You are precious to me the apple of my eye. You are not condemned by me. You are my workmanship. You are not of this world. You are of the spirit realm and that should control your life. You want to look different from the world.

You've got a lot to learn but you've come a long way too. I've got more for you. Keep reading. Do what you want to do. Create what you want to create. I will give you the desire of your heart because they are my desires. I love you, Daughter."

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