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Someone coldhearted has a change of heart.
Repressing emotion is danger indeed;
wounds of the heart can make anyone bleed.
You did not care who you hurt or you cussed;
pity for you if your hairdo got mussed.

It was a laugh which you tossed to the sky;
cold hearted you with lightheartedness high.
Icy insides with emotions on hold;
feelings unable to flee from the cold.

Heart like a register dealing in cash;
so cold your voice, it made butterflies crash.
I was convinced that your heart had been plucked,
and that each eye had been robbed a tear duct.

Human condition at odds from the norm;
simply impossible for tears to form.
So cavalier old amazement paled gray;
plenty of feelings of others to slay.

You sang in the rain as if you didn't care,
face to the sky with your wet, matted hair.
Yet I was glad when frivolity stopped,
and when the tears mingled with the raindrops.

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