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A young woman helps a number of people with different problems.
Twenty-three year old Hannah Watson was out walking she heard a stranger ask, "Excuse me miss,I'm having some with this weed,could you please give me a hand?"

The curvaceous redhead said, "Sure,I'll give you a hand," as she then grabbed onto the woman's waist and the two began to pull with all their strength until the weed suddenly came free.

Hannah was sent tumbling backwards into a bush as the woman helped her back to her feet and replied, "Thank you so much for your help."

"It was no problem," said the young woman as she then left to continue her day.

Hannah was soon on the move again when a young girl ran over to her and "Excuse,my cat is stuck in a tree, could you please help me get him down."

The two ran over to the tree and after her calls to the cat failed to work,the young redhead climbed up the trunk which a bit of difficulty due to her curvaceous lower half but soon reached the cat.

The cat was shocked to see her and jumped down into his owner's arms as Hannah then tried to climb back down but lost her grip and tumbled into a nearby bush.

"Thank you for rescuing my cat," said the girl as she helped the young woman back to her feet before hugging her.

"It was no trouble," said Hannah as she wiped leafs off her dress and jacket before going to continue her day.

The young redhead was almost home when she spotted a young man standing by his car and went over to investigate.

The young man explained that he had broken down as Hannah, who had a mechanic's degree and opened up the bonnet and after being sprayed with oli, soon had the car fixed.

"Thank you so much for your help," said the young man as he offered to pay her.

"No thanks,I'm just happy to help," said Hannah then left to return home as she waved goodbye to the young man.

She soon arrived as her boyfriend began laughing and said, "Just what you been up to,bebe?"

The young woman then looked in the mirror and noticed the oil on her face and small rips in her jacket,dress and tights.

"I guess that is the price of being helpful," joked Hannah as she and her boyfriend began laughing as she then went upstairs to have a shower.
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