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This is an elegy I wrote for our son who suffered from PTSD. He shot himself 01-29-2020
Farewell, for Now

Don't remember me how I died.

Don't remember how much I cried.

Keep my laughter inside your heart.

Images haunting, I must depart.

In the Air Force three buddies died.

I couldn't help them, how I tried.

Released from clutches of agony.

Jesus saw my torment, now I'm free.

Hoping one day you can understand.

The war in my mind, on our homeland.

I kept replaying all those bad thoughts.

That's why I guzzled beer and downed shots.

Finally at peace, have work to do.

When it's your time I will welcome you.

So, when we are together again.

You'll see my big smile and silly grin.

Love you Q-man, fly high brother!

Quentin suffered from PTSD and would help anyone he knew, but would not help himself. USAF for 1 year and saw three suicides in 1 year.
We made a memorial with the Mental Health department at the VA in Wichita. He was proud of his military service, and we are also. He
considered himself as not bright. He made the honor roll every semester in college and would've graduated in Spring of 2021. He said nobody
loved him, at his burial mass 375 people were there to honor him. For 5 years he was depressed, at times he seemed very happy and we
thought successful. We will never know until we meet him again why. But our hearts will never be the same without him here.
He was 25 years old. RIP

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