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Catfished by a disease

"Lets Hook Up Sometime"

Written By: P.A. Vazquez

Hello....I'm smart, and highly effective at what I do.

I love to party and have lots of sex. Ive never had an issue with discrimination. Your race, gender, age and lifestyle ,mean nothing to me. I don't care if your clothing is top of the line Gucci or Salvation Army, if your hygiene is is well taken care of or if you smell and look haggard. If you are from the 90210 or the 07306 or the slums of a third world country.

I care about you, for who you are. You will be my host. I love every part of your body. Without you, I can't survive...I need you.

Ill never get jealous if you share me with others, in fact once we're together, I want you to share me with others. Call it my dark kink. I don't care if you have multiple partners. I LOVE multiple partners. I don't care about your job. I don't care about your job. I don't care about your educational background or if you do or don't have a criminal conviction. Shiiiit, I don't even care about your religion or what your political standpoints are. I only care about you. so deeply that you can say its on a cellular level.

One we are together, I can honestly say that we will never separate. All that "Till Death Do Us Part: kinda love. Yeah, you'll get sick of me at times and wish we never would've met, but I'll forgive you for saying those things. I won't leave you ever. I might get angry and fuss and fight a bit, but I know just how bad I need you, so I'll calm down.

Instead of messing things up more, I'll get you some presents to show you how much I love you. Some new beauty marks, help you with weight fluctuation. Ill keep you nice and warm and even get you some new things like cancers, hepatitis, diabetes, herpes and so many other things are are different to pronounce . They'll come from different parts of the world. Ill give you so many things that are rare and hard to collect. If you're nice, I might just make sure that you don't ever have to suffer again... But WE WILL BE TOGETHER until death do us part. Sounds Good to you?

Ok, so check this out.

This is how you and I can hook up. When you're at parties and you're getting your fix with liquor or drugs, all you have to do is forget condoms or using your own supplies. I love the feeling of raw sex, don't you? Also, when your doing your other fun activities , don't worry about clean supplies or having your own.. Sharing is caring. Clean needles and supplies don't have me.

All you need to do is slip up so I can slide right in. Like I said before, I NEED YOU. I love you and NEED you to survive. Without a post like you, I don't think I can live, I don't think I can exist.

Im' sorry. Im so rude, I forgot to properly introduce myself.... My name is HIV...


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