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A child reflects his mother!

To raise your child in society you have to raise your own values. A child always idealizes his/her mother. She is his/her first school, first love, first friend and first teacher. A mother is child’s inspiration. And so a mother and child’s relation cannot be described in words but can only be felt. A mother builds his/her character through love, friendship, care and respect. So here we go!
Some values are shortly described that a mother must practice:
A mother must teach her child the values of respect. Give respect not only your elder ones but also young ones, respect not only in words but teach him/her to respect other‘s feelings and emotions also and this can only be done when you will respect your child. Respect your child’s feelings and emotions. Because when you will start giving your child respect automatically he or she will learn to respect everyone.
Care and share;
A child must be taught about caring and sharing. Sharing and caring are actually two keys for a successful life. When your child learns to care and share with others he is one step ahead of his/her fellows because he knows how to win hearts and how to share success. A tip is here on sharing and caring is that when pack your child’s lunch box for school pack some extra lunch and ask him/her to share with his/her class fellow. Also when you are outside with your child try to make them help some needy or poor person.
Love for Grandparents;
Love for grandparents is must. Not only a mother but both parents along with their child must pass a quality time with their parents. They must show their true love, care and respect for their parents to their children. It is because children do not learn through your words but they learn through your actions. And if you give your parents love, time and care today only then your child is going to give you the same love, time and care in your old age.
A child reflects his mother;
A child always learns through your actions as I mentioned before so I would conclude here with the point that try to mend your ways first. It is a mother who plays a vital role in a child’s upbringing. If we want our children at a higher place in both the world we have to work, we have to reshape ourselves, we have to mends our shortcomings, we have to see world through a clear and bright light a light which we are going to pass to our children!

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