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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2212945
Pity those who have no stars

Alone amidst a nightscape drawn,
as stars map out our dreams
Forbidden constellations form,
through daylight's shroud, unseen

Charts our hearts still follow, blind,
from memory, we go
Navigated shallows wind,
to plumb the depths below

Dreams we try to catch before
they're buried in the black
Stars we shine so brightly for
... stars that don't shine back

Bodies layed out heavenly,
loose orbits, out of grasp
Breaths lag lost, unsteadily,
building to a gasp

Up there high, so out of reach,
out in their own space
Earthbound, mute devoid of speech,
the fallen know their place

In echo chambers broken, loud,
the wake of absent lights,
and silent prayers unspoken, proud,
a vacuum of spent nights

Nights spent lost 'neath ink drenched skies,
just waiting for that star,
to shine on down, to hear our cries,
... a kindred wraith afar

An avatar, she sleeps on high,
veiled by the blue
Behind a blank obscured sky,
majestic, bright and true

Playing out between the seams,
'tween dusk and dawn, we've been
We try to keep hold of our dreams,
to reap the things we've seen

... to keep hold of the things we missed,
ignored the first time round,
Glitter, sand, slips fast through fists,
the Sandman's left unfound

Fantasies such daylight deems,
too rich for where we're born
In time, we keep the grains of dreams,
stored far beyond lost dawns

Nights beneath cold canvas, taut
by day, a sun's rays blazed
Between them lies the answers sought,
to questions darkness raised

Queries bathed in starlight's folds,
dreams mapped out on dark skies
Joining points that burn bright, bold,
truths drawn from armour's lies

Sometimes, things aren't what they seem,
sometimes... come what may
Some stars that blaze so bright in dreams,
don't shine too bright by day

But some things loved are never lost,
some souls will be retained
Kindred, half felt, at a cost,
and hearts will beat in vain

They linger on a nightscape, drawn,
they loiter in the black
We long to leave them there with dawn,
never looking back

Still memories, they linger, warm,
nestled with regret
... but stars forged in exotic forms,
aren't easy to forget
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