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by Sumojo
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A romantic poem
In the beginning we were but children playing life’s game
What did we know of love?
Now we are old and still together
What do we know of love?

Like Romeo and Juliette when we first met
As tiny kittens behind the ears were wet
Glances coy, girl meets boy
Sexual tension, led to frustration.
The pill hadn’t been invented yet!

Of age at last, allowed to wed,
Legal now to share a marital bed.
We had no money, yet life was sunny,
free to just be, no kids had we.

I’d run my fingers through your hair,
The hair that’s no longer there.
We’d travel far and wide
Just we two, side by side.

We were joined by many on this life
No longer simply man and wife.
Children three, dogs galore,
now we number by the score.

Anniversaries number fifty-five,
Can you believe we are still alive?
Still walking hand in hand and
Living in this wide brown land.

Like two leaves upon a tree
No longer green and supple,
we cling together until one day
we’ll no longer be a couple.

One leaf will curl and lose it’s grasp
upon the branch of life.
Until that time I’ll hold on tight and
be your devoted wife.

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