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Conner Baker’s five excuses for being unable to meet up with folks.
When Conner Baker sometimes spoke,
he often disappointed folk
whom he was meant to have a meet
because excuses were replete.

His first meet-up was nixed all right
because blurred vision dimmed his sight.
He told Yvette with urgency
it was a fight for him to see.

The second cancelation came
because of what some might think lame.
A ringing started in his ears,
and thus he cancelled with De Beers.

Third on his list to pull the rug
(he claimed he caught infectious bug),
was pharmacy Rep Joe Vereen
on count of sinus mucus green.

Another meeting that went south
came as bad taste lodged in his mouth.
Oh Conner, you snubbed Molly Brown
when halitosis got you down.

Then finally (and reason five),
the reason he could not arrive
to meet with old acquaintance Mac,
was due to a panic attack.

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