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A young woman struggles to get to work on time after over sleeping.
Twenty-three year old Natalie Jones was suddenly awakened by her dog Lucky pulling on the hem of her short pink night dress and said, "stop doing that boy," only to see her alarm clock and was horrified to discover that she had slept in and was running late for work.

Quickly jumping into the shower,the young blond quickly got dressed only for her short dark blue skirt to refused to fit over her curvy behind.

"Seriously,you fit last week,why won't you fit now," said the young woman who seems to forget the amount of takeaways she had eaten in the last week and her love of biscuits and cakes which had caused the issue.

Eventually,the skirt fit and Natalie ran down stairs and quickly made her and Lucky breakfast.

She then was about to leave when her dog began pulling at the hem of her skirt and said, "Stop it boy," only to realise that he was trying to get her to pick up her bag which she had left on the couch.

The young blond then grabbed the bag and smiled at Lucky and said, "thanks boy,I don't what I would do without you," as she then kissed him goodbye and finally left the house.

She then drove to the office and exited her car but accidentally dropped her bag and bent over to pick it up before trying to walk away but was shocked to discover that her skirt was caught in the car door and couldn't open it as the keys were still in the car.

The young woman then grabbed onto her the back of her skirt and pulled and pulled with all her strength but it refused to come free.

Several passers-by noticed her predicament but didn't stop to help until finally,her best friend Maria appeared and laughed before saying, "looks like someone's having a bad day," as she reached through the open window on the side of the car and gave them to her best friend,who was able to open the door and free her skirt.

Natalie then hugged Maria and thanked her for rescuing her as the two began laughing as they went inside the office building as she turned out to have barely made it in on time.
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