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Being a Military Hero can come with a price.
The shadow that befell me
(no two vibes can feel the same)
opened up my eyes when he
surrendered to the pain.

The man I saw as hero
bled emotions on the floor.
In my heart not a zero
Mental health comprised of more.

Post traumatic stress took root
And burrowed deep in his soul
He complained. They said, "It's moot."
They treated him like a troll.

"Lazy, no-good, worthless fool.
It's better if he's not here.
Don't give wealth to this cesspool.
All he does is drink his beer."

Unchecked trauma laid in wait
till Soldier could take no more.
It unfolded one black day.
They hurried him out the door.

He slumped down low in defeat.
In my eyes he was still brave.
After all, he did complete
all the missions that they gave.

This day, he openly wept
for the mind that he had lost.
The Army strength he had kept
was now battered by war's cost.

Home of the brave, trampled dreams,
His brain is out of control.
Flashbacks--a challenge it seems,
for today he's lost his hold.

Ended pain came with a bang
and we lost our dear loved one.
How do we reject the pain
directed at Washington?

In the midst, try to forgive.
It's the hardest thing we've done.
Little sis, for her to live,
we teach Jesus overcomes.

Author's Note:
This is not a true happening in my life, although I can relate to the symptoms of PTSD.
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