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Rated: ASR · Other · Tragedy · #2214601
"Put your playlist on shuffle and write something based on the first song that plays."
Song: "Ashes" by Celine Dion from Deadpool 2

Dead eyes look around, finding dead bodies, dead plants, dead buildings, dead society.

The world is dead and the only one left to witness it is nearly dead as well.

Dead legs drag a dead body through the rubble, dead ears listening for any noises that might signify life. Dead arms move dead hands to sift through the rubble and debris, searching, searching.

The dead have no reason to continue. But sometimes, at the end of the world, the dead want a reason to live.

The wind rustles through the air, whipping the ashes into dead eyes, filling dead noses, coating dead hair in a layer of dead dust. The dead care not for the remains of the world, simply pushing onward.

There is nothing here, there is no more hope, no more life. Dead eyes begin to droop closed. This dead body is tired, so tired. The dead wish to rest.

But there is no rest yet. Not with the small sound that rings out across the dead wastelands surrounding the dead. A small sound that brings such unimaginable hope.

A single ray of life, a helpless yip from under a pile of cement. It draws the attention of the dead, redirecting the path of dead feet in the shuffle to find life.

Dead hands claw at the rocks, scraping up dust and rubble with desperation. The yipping grows louder, losing its helplessness, becoming joyful, exuberant. It revels, it is saved.

Dead hands pull a live, wriggling puppy out of the rubble, golden fur covered in dust and ash, but wagging its tail, unharmed.

And for the first time since the death of the world, dead eyes fill with tears, brimming with life. Hands no longer dead cradle the puppy close to a chest expanding with life, purpose, and love.

"Hello there," a voice says, cracked and gritty from disuse, but filled with life, with wonderment. The puppy licks the voice's owner, happiness in every yip and howl as the one who was dead returns to life, crying tears of joy and renewal.

And in the midst of terrible sorrow, beauty came out of the ashes.
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