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It’s time to choose.
Take the leap

You’re standing on a ledge that’s slowly crumbling beneath you. If you stay where you are it will collapse and you’ll lose everything. If you jump, you might fall, you might spiral downwards into the abyss. No going back.

But then, you also might not. You might reach the other side unscathed and unharmed. You might land here with a rough tumble and a hard knock, and have to pick yourself up again, but you’ll get there. It’ll hurt, but you’ll survive. Sometimes you may have to cling to the other side by your finger tips and use every ounce of your strength to pull yourself over the edge.

However if you jump - if you really jump, with everything you have, mind and body - you might find yourself above the abyss in a state of total freedom. In that moment you are weightless, free to hang above it all, to fly. To rise.

Take the leap

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