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by Renee
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A Trip To The Bank
Today was a day that me and my mother went to the bank. The day didn't start out good for me, because, it was raining outside, and I do mean it was rain, as we started to go to the bank. I have trouble holding a umbrella, will one hand, but I manage to hold it. So, my mom and get out doors, with our umbrellas in hand and go to the bank into the city. I have go to the bank with my mother, because she isn't a loud to do a lot of traveling by herself. We had to got into the city to the bank, because, the closed the bank branch office in our neighborhood. It was a interest trip today going to the bank, as we took public transportation, because, I don't drive and my mother does drive either. As, we waited for the bus to take us to the bank, my mother, sat down on the wet bench at bus stop, that rain was pouring on her, we had ten minutes, before a bus came that took us to where we needed to go. The bus driver put down the steps, so that my mother could step onto the bus, because, she uses a cane, as she paid her fare, her card, and then I stepped on the bus behind her, as the bus took off, my mom sat down in the seats, were for elderly and handicap seats. I sat across from her in the other seats marked for elderly and handicap. As, we rode into the city, I notice the different in riding in the Access cab, then riding on a bus. There were so many people, elderly people, young people, people with kids and students going to school. There were so much nosie on the bus, that I couldn't hear, what my mother was saying to me. People were talking on their cellphones real loud, or their cellphones were ringing. And to top it off, there were a baby crying in the back of the bus. I where hearing aide,, but I getting new one, so all that noise hurts my ears, I couldn't wait to our stop came. This bus was so long, bus, because, it stop at ever stop and picked up everyone. I was so glad, when we reached our destination. Me and mother got off the bus in front of the bank, she went inside. As, it was still rainy outdoors. She finished what she needed to do inside the bank and we headed back home on the bus. She put her umbrella into shopping bag, as me I put my umbrella, until bus came for. It was a better ride home, then we went this morning, and it stop raining.
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