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Canada's comfort in the darkness held her tightly, and the Canadian was glad to be inside.
(For the record, Madeleine is Canada, and Katyusha is Ukraine)

Canada moaned happily as her room gently rocked and rippled around her as Ukraine's saliva drenched her nude form, and she knew the Ukrainian was likely having her own fun. Katyusha's stomach gently gurgled and churned around her, and Madeleine knew if she'd had clothes on, they wouldn't have stood a mere chance against the powerful stomach before they were simply particles floating around her undigesting form until they were claimed by the belly.

Ukraine's stomach was also her secondary room, just as Canada's stomach was Ukraine's secondary room. 'You'd never hurt me,' the female Ukrainian's voice echoed in her thoughts. The female Canadian smiled, and squirmed into the fleshy, pulsing wall of the Ukrainian's unyielding stomach.

'I'd never hurt you,' Canada thought, gently reaching down to her abdomen, gently rubbing it as her unborn child kicked lightly. Even after the past few weeks, it was still incredible to know that she and Ukraine were going to be parents! Parents to an yet to be born child!

And because of her pregnancy, Ukraine took every opportunity to dote on her and make the equally busty Canadian woman comfortable, or, in this case, warm. And Madeleine Williams smiled as her wife's breathing evened out. She stayed up a few minutes longer before she too fell asleep, one hand on her abdomen as Katyusha Cherneko and Madeleine Williams waited for the morning to arrive.
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