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Chloe meets Colby...
Chapter Two:

          I froze... "C-Colby?!" He looked at me, still smiling. "I'm pretty sure that's who I am." he laughed. I stared at him for a while, maybe a little too long. "Ma'am?" It was the service desk woman, I had completely forgot where I was. "Oh, uh...Sorry I have to--" he interrupted, "Its okay, will I see you again?" I smiled looking at him, I nodded and headed back to the desk. Abs looked at me, "Dude, you just..." I stopped her, "I know!" My body was overwhelmed. I really couldn't stop shacking.
          We finally got the rental car, it was a navy blue, 2016 Toyota Corolla. Abs started the navigation to Anaheim, about forty five minutes away from LAX. We drove, and listened to music full blast, when Abs suddenly turns the music down, "Hey! I was listening to that." I said with a pout face. "Are you not going to talk about how you totally just met Colby and didn't say anything?" she exclaimed. I glanced at her, then set my eyes on the road again, "What was I suppose to say? 'Hi Colby, I flew all this way to ask you if you wanted a girlfriend, here I am, take me now...' No!" I rolled my eyes. "Well you could have said something!" she was upset with me. I've been in love with this man since I was sixteen, I'm twenty now. I have looked forward to this moment for so long, and I totally froze back there. "It's not like I'm not going to see him again." I said. She sighed. Abs has been pushing me to just make my move for so long, but I couldn't because obviously he's famous, and I'm not. "He asked me if he'd see me again..." I looked over at her to see her reaction. "This is great! He's totally into you!" I laughed, I couldn't imagine it was that, maybe just too short of a conversation, he wanted to prepare himself for the next...

Colby's Point of View

          I watched her walk away from me, I couldn't help but smile, she was so nervous. I guess that's usually how all fans get, but this one was different. This one had a smile that I couldn't shake... Sam looked at me, deep in thought, watching her walk away, "Colbs you ready? We got to get to Anaheim to set up before the show..." I looked at him, breaking the daze, "Uh, yeah, let's go." We walked away, and I had no other thoughts aside from that mystery girl...
End of Point of View

          We arrived, got our room key, and placed our bags in the room. "I'm going to freshen up before we head down, just in case..." I looked at Abs, as she nodded her head. "Don't take too long, their show starts at 4:00pm." I looked at my watch, it was 3:20pm. I walked into the bathroom looking into the mirror. My hair was a mess from the drive, and I smelt like an airplane. I quickly changed into a black corset top I had bought just for this trip, some ripped blue jeans and my 'e-girl' chains, then put my hair in a half up, half down messy bun, and fixed my makeup as best I could all in thirty minutes. I walked out of the bathroom, and started putting on my Doc Marten boots. "Damn!" Abs looked at me licking her lips. I giggled, "Oh stop, I'm a mess, we don't have much time." She looked me up and down, "Don't get me started..." We headed down to the venue, surprisingly there weren't as many people in line. We made our way right up front, right at the barricade, just to find out they made it an eighteen and up show only. We waited about twenty minutes and then the lights began to dim, Sam walked out on stage first greeting everyone, then Colby made his way out. His smile mesmerized me, as it always does. He stood scanning the crowd as Sam introduced himself and Colby. Once Sam was finished, Colby began his scripted part, and finally locked eyes with me, making a small gesture with his hand, he remembered me...
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