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Meet & Greet...?
Chapter Four:

          I turned around to see Colby smiling at me, waving me towards him. The security guard looked surprised, as if he's never had a creator tell him something like this. He turned towards me as I began walking back to them, and motioned me to enter the venue once again.
"Thank you sir," I looked at the security guard,
"Thank you Colby." I winked as I walked passed him, he smirked and followed me in.
I hurried through the crowd of people to catch up with Abs. When I finally caught up, I jerked her shoulder,
"Chloe! He let you in?"
"Actually, Colby convinced him to let me in..." I bit my lip, blushing. She was shocked.
          While waiting in line, I thought about every possible thing I could tell Colby once it was my turn. I stayed steady watching Colby happily greet all his fans, hug them and not let go until the fans let go first, and take so many personalized pictures with each fan. He was truly happy to meet all of us, to see everyone be so happy to be there with him. I was happy. Happy that I was able to indulge in his presence, in Sam's presence. Happy that I was able to find the happiness within myself, and find the confidence to come all this way and make the biggest decision I have probably ever made in my life. Today, I was truly happy.
"Next!" The man broke my train of thought. Abs had already had her moment, taken her pictures, and now...it was my turn. I slowly made my way towards the boys, opening my arms and pulling myself into Sam's embrace. I buried my face into his neck, taking in his deep scent of sage mixed with a cologne, Gucci probably. I pulled away smiling, almost in tears.
"Sam, thank you for being you. You have made such an immense impact on my life, I don't know if I could thank you enough. You truly have saved me from mass destruction, without you, and Colby I would not be here today." I went on to tell them about my toxic previous relationship, and how watching their videos helped me gain not only my confidence back but also taught me how to love myself again. Colby was listening in closely, I could feel his eyes on me while I told my story. I then turned to Colby, with tears flooding my eyes. He pulled me into his arms, and whispered into my ear,
"I am so proud of you baby girl, I know life is hard, and from that story it sounds like you've had it a lot worse. I am glad you're here."
I smiled. I knew he actually cared. I hugged him tight, I didn't want this moment to end. Once I finally pulled away I had to get their attention again.
"Colby, Sam, I wrote these for you." I pulled out the letters from my back pocket. The boys looked at the envelopes with their names written in calligraphy, and little icons from their merchandise drawn on the corners of each envelope. They both smiled.
"How cool! Did you make these?"
I nodded at Sam.
"Wow, I love the craftsmanship."
It warmed my heart that they enjoyed the time and effort I put into their personalized letters.
"Now, there are serious inquiries at the end of each letter." I gave them a serious and suspicious look.
"If you so choose to accept, you may need to stay in touch so I wrote in both my fan pages, and main pages for you guys to contact."
Colby looked at me and grinned. Sam nodded his head. Now, I just had to wait for Colby to actually read the letter.
          The meet and greet had to come to an end eventually. Sam and Colby thanked all their fans for coming out, for supporting them all these years, and for giving them the chance to prove something more to us. I spent a whole forty five minutes with the boys. Talking, laughing, but most importantly enjoying the company. I never would have thought I would have so much in common with two lonely boys from Kansas, but we were more alike than I could have ever imagined. Abs took pictures and videos for me on her phone, all of which I had her send to me by the end of the night. This was the best day I have had in a very long time.
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