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And The Dark can't comprehend the Light
Walking around in the dark
Can't see my hand in front of my face.
No, light at the end of this tunnel.
Its cold, its damp, I can't see nothing.
I feel alone, I feel unease, I don't feel peace.
This isn't the land of milk and honey.
Its the land of misery and despair.
I see the light at the end of this tunnel.
I walk further down the tunnel
I can't see.
Suddenly I see a light flickering in the distance.
I can finally see.
The Light becomes brighter
Its coming closer.
The dark has been driven away in the distance
No more darkness.
No more misery
No more pain
I watched as the light comes brighter and brighter.
The darkness was chased away by the light.
Light defeated the darkness once and for all.
The Light has no darkness.
Its pure, its bright, and its warm.
The land is flowing with milk and honey now.
The birds singing.
Its springing.
Everything is in full bloom.
I see children at play.
Singing and making joyful noise.
This is what this light is.
Being happy.
Being free.
Being at peace.
No more darkness.
Because the darkness can't comprehend the light.

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