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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2216986
Nephew.. Enjoy every page you write.

I wonder; how Noah must’ve felt for those 40 nights

40 foot waves crashing in.. with no help in site

I wonder how it felt when the rain kept pouring down

Wonder how they felt when he left them em all....

on the ground

Was he a visionary;? Doing God’s work for better man

Or was he a monster carrying out his vindictive plan

I wonder for Noah’s life who was the scribe

I wonder when I die; Will they do the same for I

Forget the flaws, write my legacy in awe

Like aw man he wasn’t just another man

With a choice; with a voice; Like he didn’t rejoice

every sun he saw for forty nights

What if my legacy goes the same way

I hope the book of me,inspires your inner rage

Will your arc end above the waves


Would you have drowned

Saving all

before you sailed away

Turn the page

Choose your own way.. Nephew..
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