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A guide to a special interactive I have in the works.
Hello. This is a guide to help as a reference to an interactive I have in the works. I hope you will find it useful for what is to come very soon.

Blue Fever: Those who have contracted this disease find themselves turning blue as their bodies slowly fill out with a strange substance called juice. Touching or drinking the juice is highly ill advised as the juice contains the virus.

Toonmonia: A bizarre disease that changes a persons entire physiology, transforming them into a living cartoon. Starts with sneezing until they become a full toon. What kind they become is based on personality.

Clown Flu: A disease that disrupts a persons train of thought while coloring their skin a chalk white and increase growth in their nose and feet as well as other funny changes.

Expanditis: A disease that causes the infected to rapidly gain weight and have an increase in appetite. Transmitted through saliva and bites.

Size Disorder A disease that alters the infected's size in some way. Size Disorder S causes the infected to shrink and Size Disorder G causes growth. Caution: those with G have more heightened emotions.

Gender Bender Virus: A disease that changes the gender of those who contract it. Gender Bender Virus B changes women into men, men are unaffected. Gender Bender Virus G changes men into women, women are unaffected.

Ageitis: A disease that directly effects the aging process. Those with the R strain slowly grow younger until they either hit childhood or baby age. P strain makes them grow older until they eventually die of old age.

Anthropomophism: A bizarre disease that causes those who catch it to slowly change into anthro animals.

Toyitis: A bizarre little disease that slowly turns anyone who catches it into a living toy.

Bimboitis A disease that transforms the infected into a ditzy blond bombshell. Disease is transmitted through kissing and sexual conduct.

Keep an eye out. More plagues to come in the future.
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