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Harms of computers and video games on children
Computers and video games
The modern age is the age of computers and technology. It has determined an immense change in the lives of people. Also, the influence of technology on children is massive. Some people believe that computers and video games are helpful for children, but I disagree with this. Computers and video games are destructive items for children. They are turning the minds of the children to the negative sides.
First, computers and video games are spoiling the health of the children. Children spend most of their time in front of the computer screen, which results in weak eyesight, headaches, poor memory, and many other health issues. Also, playing games for many hours on the computer create frustration in children. It is leading to many mental problems in children.
Second, computers and video games are affecting the children's studies, to some extent. Students spend their precious time in playing games on the computer and so lack their interest in studies and fail. Also, the habit of book reading is getting down day by day in students because of computers. They find it easy to read an article or book on the computer rather than reading a book.
Finally, Computers and video games are putting children's emotional and spiritual lives in danger. The adult material on the internet when read by children, make them bold and mature before time. It is an attack on their innocence. Likewise, videogames make the children, hyper and ignorant. So it is an overwhelming invasion that drives the children to failure.
To sum up, computers and video games are harmful to children, to a great extent. They are creating impacts on children's lives, which results in bad health, laziness, and many other issues. So the need of the hour is to lessen the time limit of children with the computer.

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