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by Sumojo
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A poem for Dream Time Dragon’s Poem Contest

Sarah had a dragon
he lived beneath her bed;
A little purple dragon
With a crown upon his head.

At night when she lay sleeping
From out his lair he’d creep,
go.searching for some candy
from Sarah’s Candy heap.

One night did Sarah wake
From her slumber oh so deep.
A crunching noise had woken her
so out of bed did creep.

“You naughty purple dragon”
Sarah suddenly did cry
“You’ve eaten all my candy
And my favourite apple pie.”

The dragon looked so sheepish
A frightened soul was he
“I’m sorry, Sarah, he did say,
please don’t so angry be.”

Picking up the purple dragon
she did put him in her bed.
She cuddled him in blankets
and whispering she said,

“I love you little dragon
with your crown upon your head.
No longer need you hide and steal
you will live upon my bed

And I’ll feed you lots of candy
from my personal, private store,
and you’ll never ever need to
steal candy any more.”

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