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by R.H.N
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Two girls go Camping after their college results appear.
It was just a day in April...Amanda was staring at the computer in her dorm room, waiting for her semester test results. She was biting her nails and refreshing the collage website every minute.

Helda her roommate entered the room. "Anything yet?" Helda asked.

"Nope," Amanda answered.

Helda gazed at her watch, "it's still not twelve yet."

"I know, I am just worried, I didn't do well in two subjects," Amanda refreshed the site again, this time the results appeared on the screen.

"GOD!" Amanda screamed.

Helda looked at the computer screen.

"Yaaaay!" Amanda jumped and kept dancing.

"Congratulations! Now let me see my grades." Helda took her chair and logged in to her college account. She saw her results and looked at Amanda.

She stopped dancing and watched Helda "what's wrong?"

"We are both graduating this semester!" Helda jumped and hugged Amanda.

"Wait but that means, we will go back to our countries and not see each other again." Helda looked at Amanda puzzled.

"I will never forget you, and we both got each other's email and phone numbers we will always keep in touch." Amanda comforted her.

"How about we go camping together as a farewell?" Helda suggested.

"Cool! And make more memories." Amanda jumped, she wanted to camp many times before but exams and studying always stopped her.

The next day they packed their stuff and got ready for camping. They went to the woods and went deep into the forest.

"There is no signal," Amanda said checking her phone.

"That's fine, I know the way." Helda soothed her.

A few hours later, "I feel like we are going in circles." Amanda told her.

"No, that's the right path." Helda pointed at the marks on the ground.

They stopped at a big tree, its branches are so long that it fell on the ground joining its roots.

"We should camp here," Helda said and got out the tent and started setting it up. Amanda helped her, they had some snacks in their bags and some eggs.

"We should start a fire or else we will be freezing after sunset and also to scare the animals away," Amanda said rubbing her hands feeling cold.

"The fire starter is in my bag. We just need to find some wood." Helda informed.

Amanda looked around and found some wood suitable in the fire around the bushes, she brought it to Helda and Helda got the fire starter from her bag and started a fire. They both sat next to it enjoying the heat, Helda got a pot from her bag and poured some water in it and put four eggs in it.

"I got some cheese and toast," Amanda said pointed at her bag.

"Good idea!" Helda got a knife from her bag and took the toast and spread the cheese on it when the eggs were ready she sliced them and put them on the cheese and put another toast on top. They both were enjoying their meal when a squirrel came and stole the fire starter. Helda saw it and put the toast down running after it. Amanda hid the sandwich in her bag and followed her. The squirrel disappeared into one of the trees.

Amanda looked around, there was a wooden bench in the middle of the forest and a statue of a man sitting on it.

"Never saw something like that before," Amanda said looking at the statue.

"Oh! Come on it's everywhere in the city." Helda said.

"Not like that, look, the seat is wood but the man is made of rock these are two different textures." Amanda got closer to the man examining his features.

"Yeah right, forgot you are into sculptures," Helda said putting her hand on her head. "We lost our fire starter." Helda looked at the tree where the squirrel disappeared.

Amanda got her phone and started taking pictures of the statue.

"Glad you are having a good time, but we need to go back to our camp before sunset and we need to keep the fire burning before the fire goes out." Helda got in the way between her and the statue.

"Don't worry, just a few pictures." Amanda smiled.

Helda sat next to the statue, "I want a picture with him." Helda put her head on the statue's shoulder and waved the victory sign at
Amanda. "Cheese." Helda smiled and Amanda took the photo.

The statue stiffness started to loosen up and the statue started to move and looked at Helda.
"Thank you!" The statue said as it's colour started to change to human real colours instead of the grey colour of the rocks.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah" the girls screamed as they ran away.
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