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Days kept getting shorter, but finally that trend came to an end.
It was the longest night of her life,
that winter night that’s long;
the winter solstice laid claim to the light,
she wondered what went wrong.

Hemera was the guardian of every ray of sun;
she took its warmth and energy and gave to everyone.
She was appointed specially to institute the day,
and handled light with fine aplomb till night took it away.

But there was no alarm at first, as night was somewhat slack;
before too long, the night was gone and morning light came back.
And so Hemera--day-to-day--distributor of light,
had no real issue dealing with the harbinger of night.

Yet as it goes so many times, there often comes a change;
and soon Hemera realized there was a stark exchange.
She noticed that the nights were taking longer to go by,
and that each day she had less light to joyfully apply.

She wondered if the night was bad--an overtaking shroud;
so as each day grew less and less, she even cried out loud.
Why nighttime seemed to have such greed, it simply was not clear;
each passing day was worse and worse, so she was filled with fear.

Hemera cried her cold, silk tears--the sunlight soon would fold;
the winds blew strong within the dark--she felt the bitter cold.
When night returned the day to her, she did her very best,
but she could not help feel a wound, an arrow to her breast.

So on it went till, finally, there was a turnabout;
and when Hemera knew for sure, she gave a joyous shout.
That slow and steady gain of night came to an end, at last;
then days grew longer, warm and bright, the light of day steadfast.

It was the longest night of her life,
that winter night of length;
but Hemera stood and did not fall--
somehow she found the strength.

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In Greek Mythology, Hemera was goddess of the day.
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