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Entry for 300 Word Contest
Day by day the morning run had become more competitive.
Jonesy, knew that he was faster than the two old agency guys and he liked to see them gasping for breath at the end of the three mile run.
It was good to get out in the fresh air after being cooked up in the laboratory all day.
The two guys were keeping up with him today as they made their way through the trees towards the coastline. The trail went along the top of a cliff for a hundred yards. That's where Jonesy planned to put himself out of his misery. At first he was going to ship the blame on to one of his work colleagues but that seemed even more cowardly than just throwing himself off the cliff.

His Clash tee shirt was starting to get damp with sweat, his beard irritating his face. Not really because of the run, more to do with the anxiety of landing on the rocks below.
He was about ten yards ahead and he could make out the sunset between the trees. He was only a minute from going head first in to oblivion.
One of the agents called to him to slow down but he couldn't see any other way to kill his guilt. He was the one that had accidentally exposed people to the killer virus that started a world wide pandemic.

The cliff top was fifty yards away, he sprinted towards the sunset. One agent got close but he couldn't reach Jonesy. As the scientist plunged to the rocks below he thought, "Oh crap this is going to hurt."

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