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Two males pick up a female hitchhiker who makes their lives very difficult.
Two males pick up a female hitchhiker who makes their lives very difficult. These males made it difficult for this female hitchhiker because they both thought that she was very pretty and they were only looking for one thing; they wanted to get intimate with her. She did not enjoy this because she only wanted to get a ride to her destination. These males made a lot of cat calls and cursory remarks toward her when she refused their sexual advances.

The time came when she spoke up and said, "Hey, I would really like to go to my destination of my choice, which was in New York, New York. I am looking for a place to get voice lessons so that I can improve my voice to pursue my singing career." "If you can get me there without any trouble, I would surely appreciate that."

The two males started putting their heads together to decide what to do. It took them a while, but, much to their disappointment, they decided to do the right thing and get her to New York, New York. They did, however, come up with a proposition for her. They would agree to do this on one condition; she would have to let them have a front seat at her performance. She was so relieved that they didn't go ahead with the intention of having a sexual encounter with her. She didn't hesitate about agreeing to let them have a front row seat.

The two males took her to New York, New York, and dropped her off and wished her the best of luck.

There was a period of six months that passed, but the two males didn't hear a word from this female. They began to get worried, wondering what in tarnation was going wrong. They decided to try and track her down, but they had failed to get her name. This did not stop them from trying to find her.

It took the two males about three months to find her. When they found her, they began to get gruff. They asked her what had happened. The female replied that she was having a difficult time getting an agent that would represent her. She also said that there was a lot of competition out there, and that she still had to work on how to improve her voice.

The two males didn't believe that she was telling the truth, but the female reminded them to please be patient, and that she was good on her word. They were so tired of being given the run around that they began to put pressure on her. This scared the female so bad that she was fearing for her life. She told them to please be patient, and in time she would get them a front row seat to her performance. She asked them both for their names, and assured them that they would be sure to get a ticket when she gave her first performance.

The time was passing by, and still nothing was happening. The female began to get nervous when she was unable to get a agent. Finally, in about a year and a half, someone noticed how talented she was. The female practiced and practiced singing until it sounded absolutely beautiful. This was the break that she needed. She mentioned to the agent that she needed to get two tickets for a front row seat for two friends of hers. It was interesting that she would call these two males friends because of their meanness toward her, but she was true to her word, and sent the tickets in the male to them.

The two males were very surprised when they received their tickets. They made it to the performance and were very pleased that they had come. The female sounded so beautiful, like birds singing in the springtime and summer. At the end of the performance, they were able to talk to her, apologizing for the harsh treatment that they had given her.

This goes to show that it doesn't pay to be mean to someone whose only purpose is to fulfill her dream of being able to sing professionally, and who enjoys it as well. In this case, the female was very lucky not to have been violated sexually or, worse than that, killed.

I enjoyed singing since I was young. I don't remember how old I was, but I do know that singing and dancing was something that could bring out of a depressed mood. I was too shy when I was younger to get in front of a crowd; I was also afraid of getting into a contract that would pressure me to sing if I wasn't feeling well. This had prevented me from having the courage to do the two things that I enjoyed.

Wherever you are in life, don't give up on your dreams. Don't be afraid to go after something you enjoy, otherwise, you'll always wonder if you could've made it; there's the possibility that you could. Because I was shy, I did my singing and dancing in the privacy of my parents home. No one really knew that I had a talent. I still enjoy singing and dancing; I also enjoy writing. Perhaps there will come a day when my dreams will be fulfilled, and then perhaps you will enjoy that also. I am trying, and I know that if I don't try and make an attempt, I will never know the answer to the question if I could have made it.

As with the prompt for this story, even though the female was having trouble with the two males, she remained true to her word, and in response, she was able to be friends with the two males by sharing her success.

I encourage you to go for it by giving it a try. Nothing would make me happier than the happiness you would feel when you've accomplished your dream. I support you.

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