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Cherishing the white light of love
White is pure,White is sacred;.
White stands out ,it is unmixed

I find purity ,the purity of love
Cherry blossoms are full of love.

Amidst the chaos;confusion and fear,
I find the white light emitting from my soul;
Driving away the fear in my deep core.

Love ,bliss and energy of blossoms.
They engulf my body my mind and my soul.

Wow i realize the light is intense
That it could dissolve the emotional uproar,

The mental ideas ,prejudices and formations
All got cleared in the purity of the White.

The serenity ,the calmness ,the silence i sense,
Cant be ever received by any luxury buys.

I am blissful in joy and I want to transmit this love
To the universe and heal the world for good.

I bow down to the light in me and plead to stay
And brighten me more and more and take me closer and closer;
To the universal divine white light ,again the light of Universal love.
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