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It's not guaranteed
WC 141

‘It’s guaranteed. I don’t need to follow the rules.You can’t tell me what to do.’

‘It’s guaranteed. I have done this before. I can tell you what to do.’

I cracked a few more eggs into the bowl. Dropped a few more on the floor.

‘No, I don’t agree.’

‘I can tell you that if you follow these directions your success is guaranteed. If you don’t follow these directions I can’t guarantee your success.’ My mother stood over me like a drill sergeant. She pointed to the cookbook.

‘I disagree.’ I was always a difficult student.

‘Okay, have it your way. I’ll just stand here and watch.’ She crossed her arms and put a scowl on her face. The challenge was on.

It was a total failure, as predicted. We had to start over. Who knew souffles were so touchy?

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