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Written when I was going through Basic Training, full of hope and lessons learned

AMERICAN SOLDIER by Tiffany Tillman (nee Amey)

My future is uncertain

My life a fickle thing

I know not what will happen

What tomorrow is going to bring

I may be at home

Laughing with my Family

Or I may be going down a road

And get hit by an IED

Dangers around every corner

Rifles out the window

If I do not watch my back

I won't be home tomorrow

I made my choice to fight

Forever more to come

The leaning rest will be my place

If I give up and say 'I'm done'

My mother will cry

My father filled with grief

My brother all alone

Everyone in disbelief

But the fact remains

That I failed my country

For I am an American Soldier

To protect her is my duty

So I must fight and never quit

Never accept defeat

Pick up my fellow Soldiers

And put them on their feet

Always fighting and moving forward

Never a step back

To protect my friends and family

Press on with the attack

My future is uncertain

My life a fickle thing

I serve my country bravely

So when I die, all will sing

Loyalty to my country

Duty to protect my friends

Respect for all, friend or foe

Service that knows no end

Honor for all that it means

Integrity for what is right

Personal courage in everything

I carry these through the fight

This is what it means

To be a Soldier now

To defend that which we hold dear

And to teach those who follow how

Always keep up the guard

Never let it rest

For you never know when a foe

Will put you to the test

I am an American Soldier

I'll fight forever more

Harm my friends or country

I'll come and settle the score!

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