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A simple love poem for a woman I'm crazy about
Hello, from afar.
It's me.
The one who hangs around
quietly adoring you
as you light up the room
with your smile.
The one who just can't,
no matter how hard I try,
make the words come out
of my mouth when we're alone
to simply say that
I'm madly in love with you.
And I am. So much.
I'm no cowboy.
I'm no hairless, bare-chested model
from the magazines.
I'm no hero.
I'm just a guy who honestly
wants nothing more
in this world
than to be with you.
I want to hold you
while we slow dance
to a beautiful love song
that makes me cry
when I'm alone.
Just you. And me.
I want to stroll with you,
your hand in mine,
alone along a sunkissed beach,
barefoot in the sand,
listening to the waves
splash into the shore.
Just you. And me.
I want to sit with you
on a porch swing,
saying goodbye to the day
as the sun sets.
Just you. And me.
And if the end comes,
I want to hold your hand
and look into your eyes,
unafraid of the unknown
that would come next.
Just you. And me.

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