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by R.King
Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2218699
The start of a longer story
The sun broke through but there was no warmth in it, much like your smile. A chill wind came in from the East, where in the distance you could still see the winter’s snow stuck to the mountains ridges.

She looked down, the earth was barren, even though there was growth all about, even some early spring flowers reaching up to the sun. She folded her arms and stood still, feeling the cold emptiness all around her. She wondered how long it would be before she made her decision to leave. Not only this god forsaken land but her cold, quiet, marriage. A tear welled in her eyes as she thought of what might have been and what was. Courage she was told was all it would take, courage to admit there was no love anymore, that there was no future.

She openly cried at the thought of leaving the young ones, some of her kids were old enough to understand, but the little ones. How could she be so cruel to them, suddenly disappearing was no option, she had to stay and explain, not that a 4 year old would care for explanations. All he would know would be that his mama would no longer be there to talk to, to kick a ball to, to paint things in the back yard with. Her eyes welled up once more, could she do this?

She had not wanted me to go through these emotions she had said so, always putting her feelings last, she too had left everything behind and was waiting patiently, but that patience was wearing thin now, she too was lonely, she too wanted love, to be held, to be made love to, to sing and dance.

What have we done?
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