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by R.King
Rated: E · Monologue · Experience · #2218703
A look into night at the pub.
Snap shot of a Thursdays evening

Thursday they have five dollar steaks
And the people roll in
Sitting facing the door
I see them all
The two hand in hand
So much in love
While the girls on the couch
Hold hands so nobody will see.

Amber ales flow free from the tap
As that man in the hat goes by once again
Tight jeans and a pony tail
So 70’s in retro
But some how he strangely fits in
The beepers go off as the meals come along
And pretty young girls are catching my eye
But who really sees this woman in her suit
Any sex with these young things will have to be bought.

The laughter increases
As my steak
Medium rare, mash with green peppers
Takes it’s time
Another beer is asked for
Yes amber ale once again
More people arrive
This place seems alive
Scissor Sister blares out
So at home with this crowd
Lots of pretty young people
So into themselves

She is stroking her hair
The two girls in the corner
Talking with their eyes
Their hands are everywhere
Soon they’ll need the room to themselves
The voyeur in me can’t help but look
Young lovers flirting
Knowing where it leads.

A pretty young girl has joined the gay men
They chat and laugh
True friends all
Sharing their lives
And all that they do
Fixing of problems
Caring as they do
Deep friends

Two more come in
One Asian one not
Their eyes tell a story
As they stand at the bar
Looking and laughing
Sharing a beer
Wanting to be close but not to be seen
Sparking eyes and gentle touches
They move on

My steak has arrived so my beeper tells me
Medium rare, mash with green peppers
Not as long as the last Thursday at least

Two more women come in and sit on the couch
One older crossing her legs so tight
And one so at ease
So intimate but not
Sharing but not wanting to be seen
Maybe just friends but maybe not

So much to write
But I must leave
My steak is all gone as I soak up the noise
I keep coming back
Like a moth to the light
Just watching and waiting
Looking and writing
Taking it all in
Another good night
@ the Roxbury

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