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by R.King
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Choices some of us have to make
Forbidden Lovers

Married she was and her lover so young
Who said it should be forbidden
She knows her own heart, she knows what’s at stake
Pushed and pulled like litter on the wind,
A cold, dark, damp wind
With no where to blow.
Stealing moments away from friends and family
Scared of what would be
When forced to choose
Surely they would have to choose.
Her family so strong, demanding, so Italian
Broken hearted, she chose her family
To ask such a thing, where is their love, her love
Her marriage, this child now with broken dreams
Being aged doesn’t ease the hurt
Her child’s heart will heal but will never forget or forgive.
She chose but she couldn’t leave
A darkness that will sit heavy in their hearts from now on.
To go unspoken
To be present in their black eyes
Her life empty unfulfilled
Was happiness snatched away
To choose one’s family or a lover.
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