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We all fantasize about something.
It's fun to just fantasize.
Ain't no island but my mind makes paradise.
Fancy dinner at a Paris Night.
Any attack transforms me into a samurai.
I'm glamorized, 'cause my iconic image
Matches what I really see in the mirror, but I'm so kiddish.
Like I've been ingestin' some steroids when eating Spinach.
Like Popeye punching big bad wolves we go finish-
Building a brick house that they'll never blow over,
Roast marshmallows during tornados, so rigid.
Job opportunity scrutiny is through with me,
Secured the dream; saved enough digits.
Call the genie up tell him I want me ten wishes.
Start with world peace, be free to reach past your arm's distance.
Commitments...don't own me.
An "or" before every corner 'cause now it's never "only."
I am never lonely-
They never let go of me.
Never made mistakes
'Cause TV Remote with me.
Most of all I know who I'm sposed to be.
Average Joe in me wants a hero in me.
Gamma rays, spider fangs, iron plates, I
Kiss my admirer...Save the day, by,
Keeping danger in your life, separate.
Debut, Sequel, Genesis, Exodus.
End of the show, I know what a life lesson is!
End of a life don't even know what the message is.
I use my wings to fly to heaven or dreams.
End of our lives our plight is way too repetitive.

You tick that box with a check, therefore accept, this is real life, real life.
But it's fun to just fantasize,
It's fun to just fantasize,
You agree to the terms and conditions, verify, this is real life, real life.
We live and then fantasize.
It's like we live to just fantasize.

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