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Flash Fiction - 4-14-20 = WC 296
Cabin Fever

WC 296

“When are the leaves coming out?” Jenny looked out the window. Snow was falling, again.

I sighed. It had been a long winter. We were all tired of being housebound. Cabin fever was rising. The snow that was so much fun in January was no longer fun in April. Now was the time for daffodils, lilacs, apple blossoms, and birds sitting on the fence singing lilting songs of Spring.

“Maybe we’ll see some leaves tomorrow.” I brushed Jenny’s hair and then braided it. She continued to look out the window. “The sun will come out and melt all the snow. Then the magic fairy will touch all the branches with her magic wand and ‘poof’ all the leaves will pop out like magic. The green leaves will appear on the trees. The daffodils and tulips will be yellow and red and the lilacs will be purple.” I smiled to think of such a magical event.

“Right mom. And a sparkly glittery unicorn will come riding down the street with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus riding on her back. Get real. I’m not a little kid. I don’t believe in fairy tales anymore. I just want to go outside, ride my bike, and visit Amanda.” Jenny turned and glared at me, her face now in a shadow.

“Spring is coming, Jen. It always does. Every year. We just have to be patient.” I looked out the window and saw a robin. They always come too early, it seems.

“Whatever. I’m going to my room. At least there I can dream of warm weather.” Jenny stomped away and into her room. Soon she would be under her pink blanket and snuggling the cat.

I wanted an escape as well. A deserted beach with palm trees sounds good.

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