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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2219013
A heroic feather duster.
She was made to clean up the neighborhood. Mrs. Frufrubottom thought of herself as a superhero. If she could, she would wear a cape with a giant D on it. It would stand for Dustbuster. In Mrs. Frufrubottom's universe dust was the ultimate enemy! She would swish it away only for it to return with a vengeance before twenty-four hours had passed. She bounced her feathers over and around all of the miscellaneous nick-nacks that depended on her for their very survival. The dust seemed intent on smothering and consuming them. Their cheers each day as she made her rounds were enough to keep her coming back.

Traditional feather duster personified.

Mrs. Frufrubottom is a female feather duster.

She has a slender white handle and neon pink dyed feathers.

She is five years old but has only been on duty for four years three months.

Her favorite pastime is cleaning, it is her job, her hobby and her art form.

She finds daytime television boring, her favorite shows are hardcore fantasies and anything involving superheroes.

Her ultimate goal in life is permanently defeating Lord Dustbunny.

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