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The flip side of hope, desperation leads to its own type of victory.
"Walking with a friend in the dark
is better than walking alone in the light."
-- Helen Keller

Hope can be a crutch. It is the nightlight, for reality, there to soothe even in the dark times. The only real strength lies in the relationships one shares. They can be good or bad but in reality, their existence is what counts. Heroes don't just associate with the good. Heroes can be as defined by those they fight as much as by those they protect. Often it is hand in hand with their enemies that they meet their end.

"Can you reach that bar or not?" Julian asked snappishly.

"No, it is just too far out of my reach!"

"Try harder!"

"If it is so easy, then you come do it!" Juan barked back.

"I would if someone hadn't dropped a building on me!" Julian snarled.

Juan turned and threw up his hands, "I didn't tell you to follow me in here! If you could have kept your goody two shoes out of my business, neither of us would be trapped down here!"

"You were planning to blow up a building! I had to stop you! People could have died!" Julian pointed out.

"Yeah well, we still might! If I don't get something to brace that beam so the rescuers have time to find us! Why couldn't you just mind your own business? It is Sunday, shouldn't you be at church with your family or something?"

"What family? I have been on your trail for five years, who has time for family?"

"Friends then?" Juan asked.

"You are the only significant relationship I have..."

"Man, that is sad... so when you die the only person who reacts at all will dance on your grave?"

Julian frowned, "It hasn't always been that way... We were almost friends once..."

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