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by Sumojo
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Their relationship hits a bumpy ride
Week three assignment. Word count 922

We’d had a great weekend, or so I thought. The weather couldn’t have been better down on the farm. Milly’s family are so different from mine; her brothers, in fact the whole family are so active.
The boys work on the tractor or play some sport or other. I can see now why Milly is how she is. Wholesome, that’s the word I’m looking for. Her mum and dad have always made me feel part of the family when we’ve been there, but I have the distinct feeling they have reservations about me and Milly being together. I broach the subject with her on the way back home in my car.

“Are you okay, you seem quiet?” I ask her after several miles of no conversation.
“Oh, yeah, I’m fine, just thinking.”
“What about?” I put my free hand on her bare thigh, her shorts have ridden up leaving nothing to my imagination.
“Nothing really, just how much I miss being away from my family and the farm, so much of the time.” She sighs.
“I know baby, it’s a great lifestyle. Your family are special.” I paused, wondering if I really want to bring up the subject. “Your Mum seemed a bit cool with me this visit. Did you notice?”
Milly says nothing straight away, then replies, “I told them about your prison sentence.”
My heart sinks, I feel mixed emotions. A little angry, if I’m honest. Why can’t she just let it go? “Was that necessary?” I ask.
“Well yes, actually, it was. They are my family and need to know everything about the man I’m going out with.” She sounds irritated.
“I’m sorry, Milly.”
I pull the car into a layby and switch off the motor. We sit for a while in silence. I’m aware of the sound of the cooling engine and the hum of cars passing by on the country road.
Milly turns towards me, I can smell her familiar perfume. I try to figure out her mood. Is she angry, upset or even planning on telling me it’s over?
“It’s coming between us, Marcus,” she whispers.
“Oh, for Christ’s sake, why can’t you let it go?” I can hear the exasperation in my voice.
“Let it go?” Her eyes widen with surprise, and her voice is shaking. “You want me to keep the fact they charged you with selling drugs, and served six months in the clink, a secret from my family?” She asks, shaking her head. “Do I really know you Marcus?”
“Yes, you know me. I’m the same guy you fell in love with a year ago.” I pause, “Well, I thought you loved me, maybe you’re changing your mind?” I throw out there the question I’ve not dared to ask.
Milly says nothing, shakes her head again and turns away, staring out at the quiet lay by. A truck speeds by. The silence between us grows. I’m waiting for Milly to speak first, but eventually I break the deadlock. “I’m sorry,” I whisper, leaning over to touch her hand. She doesn’t respond. My heart sinks. Is this relationship over?
She eventually looks at me, “I need to be honest with my family Marcus, if I didn’t love you, then I’d have no reason to even mention anything about your past to my parents. Don’t you get it?”
“How did they take it?” I murmur, dreading the thought I may have lost their respect.
“Dad is willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but Mum’s worried.”
“Well, maybe if this will be something you can’t get over, then perhaps we should have a break.” Suddenly I’m tired of justifying myself.
“Let’s get going, Marcus, just drive.” She says, looking out of her window, her back towards me.
I start the car, spinning the wheels in the gravel, and we drive the hour back to the city in silence.
My mind is full of words I need to say to put things right between us but can’t bring myself to speak. The atmosphere is thick with tension as we drive.
At last I pull up outside Milly’s apartment. She makes a move to get out of the car.
I grab her arm, “Don’t leave like this,” I beg her. Her eyes are red with unshed tears, “Give me a day or two, Marcus,” she says. Taking her weekend bag from the back seat, she turns away without another word.

The following few days have been torture. There has been no word from Milly and try as I might to not contact her, here I am, on day four, outside her apartment. I know she’ll be home studying for her end of semester exam. That is what I should do too, but my mind constantly goes over the fact I may have lost the best thing to have ever happened in my life. Milly opens the door, she says nothing, but steps back to allow me in. I’m almost speechless to see her again. She looks so cute in a pair of pyjamas and bright red socks, her hair scrunched up on the top of her head. She could have been wearing anything or nothing at all, it wouldn’t have mattered. To me she is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.
Neither of us speak. She moves into my arms, and we kiss softly, tentatively. Taking my hand she leads me into her bedroom and there amongst the throw cushions and soft toys, without words we show our commitment to each other forever.

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